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At TechMormo, our goal is simple:

Simplify complex engineering topics to help you become a more competent DevOps Engineer.

The demand for Engineers well-versed in DevOps is exploding.


Because almost every online business today needs DevOps skills.

They need professionals who can manage their infrastructure, automate and streamline their processes, and ultimately help them deliver solutions to the customer faster.

Companies are willing to pay top dollar for such roles.

For example, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect makes over $150k/year in the US (source: Glassdoor).

But, companies have a hard time finding suitable candidates.

DevOps is complex and rapidly evolving. Most engineers are simply not familiar with DevOps practices and tools.

There is a shortage of strong DevOps Engineers.

This is your opportunity!

And we are here to help you bridge the gap.

We simplify the complex, craft intuitive visuals and show practical demos that you can use to start making an impact TODAY!

Practical DevOps courses coming soon! ⏳🛠

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There’s a LOT more DevOps content on the way, and we are super excited to have you here! 🙂

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But most importantly…

Tech Care.