Is AWS CDK Worth Learning in 2024?

Discover whether learning AWS CDK is a good investment or not

Managing AWS infrastructure can be overwhelming. But what if you could write code to make your job easier?

That’s where AWS CDK comes in!

The demand for CDK is exploding as more and more teams are switching from other tools to CDK and are willing to pay a lot for this skill.

But is it just a temporary hype or should you actually learn CDK?

That’s what we’ll answer here.

First things first…

What the heck is CDK?

AWS CDK, or Cloud Development Kit, is a tool to define and manage cloud infrastructure as code (IaC) using general programming languages.

Traditionally, we manually click through hundreds of buttons to configure and manage AWS resources. If you forget a step and mess up your servers, well you’re fired!

If you luckily don’t mess it up, well, now you get to repeat the manual process for every other resource again. Congratulations.


Screw that!

Instead, you can just write a few lines of code explaining what you want, and CDK will handle the rest, as many times as you wish.

That’s the power of CDK!

While it can do a lot more, let me tell you…

Why you should learn CDK?

Stick till the end for the kicker! 🥾

Firstly, let’s talk about efficiency. With CDK, you can kiss those days of manual infrastructure setup goodbye. Sayonara, repetitive tasks! CDK lets you automate your infrastructure like a boss, saving you time and sanity in the process.

Next up, flexibility. One size fits all? Not in the world of cloud computing. With CDK, you have the flexibility to tailor your infrastructure to suit your specific needs. Need a serverless architecture? No problem. Want to go all-in on containers? You got it. Need to use a different programming language? You’re welcome. CDK adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.

And let’s not forget about consistency. With CDK, every time you deploy with the same code, you can expect to get the same, repeatable infrastructure output. And if you manage to mess things up during deployment, as we all do, fear not! CDK makes it easy to rollback changes and save yourself from being fired since it can be version controlled easily. Consider it your emergency parachute when things go south.

Finally, the cherry on top: high demand and high pay. As businesses race to adopt cloud technologies, skilled AWS CDK engineers are in hot demand, commanding impressive salaries. Learning CDK isn’t just about automating tasks; it’s about automating your way to a bigger paycheck.


So, is AWS CDK worth learning now?

If you want to earn big money using AWS skills, then YES ABSOLUTELY!

But if you need to manage the infrastructure of multiple cloud environments, not just AWS, then maybe Terraform would be a better fit.

That being said, mastering CDK will definitely set you apart as a DevOps Engineer and help you land higher pay.

I have worked with both, so let me know what you want to learn more about!

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Thanks for reading!

See you at the next one. 🫵

Till then, be bold and keep learning.

But most importantly…

Tech care!

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