Docker Networking Summary | Networking in Docker #8

Summary of Docker Networking Series

How do Docker Containers communicate using networks?

If you have gone through all the tutorials in this series, you should know that well by now.


This blog is the 8th and last tutorial in a series for Docker Networking.

If you are looking to learn more about the basics of Docker, I’ll recommend checking out the Docker Made Easy series.


In this series, first we answered “Why is networking important in Docker?”.

Then we learnt about some core networking concepts like the Internet Protocol (IP), network interfaces, subnets, network ports, DNS, etc.

Then we discussed about Docker Network Drivers, which is how Docker hides the network details and simplifies how to attach different types of networks to containers.

We then dived into the of the 4 main Network Drivers:

  • none driver – isolates a container by disabling its network.
  • host driver – allows the container to share the network stack of the host system.
  • bridge driver – creates an internal network within a single host.
  • overlay driver – creates a distributed network able to span multiple hosts.

For each of the Network Drivers, we learnt how to use it, some possible use cases and their limitations.

Conclusion & what’s next?

Thank you so much for making it so far! 🎉 🫂

It has been a great pleasure and learning experience to share about Docker Networking with you. I myself got to learn many important concepts and details in the making of this series.

What do you want to learn next?

Want more Docker? What about Kubernetes, AWS, Linux, Git, Python, or something else entirely?


This is just the start! We’re actively working to simplify complex DevOps + Engineering topics, and help you become a more competent Engineer.

If you found any mistakes or have any suggestions to improve our content, please let us know.

See you on the next one.

Till then…

Be bold and keep learning.

But most importantly,

Tech care!

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